1. Do you prefer to pay with Arubian florins?

If you want to pay with Arubian Florins please send us an e-mail at and we will send our Arubian bank details to you.

2. Where can I add my personal message?

On the page 'checkout' you can write your personal message. We take care you personal message will be on the inside of the postcard.

3. Can I choose a delivery time?

No, we try to delivery everyday as early as possible. So your friends or family will have time to say thank you to you. Please don't forget the time differents. And we promise you it will be on the correct date.

4. On which day is delivery possible?

We deliver everyday of the year. If you make up your order you can choose your delivery date. If your favoriete date isn't visible. It's not possible.

5. Where is delivery possible?

We deliver everywhere on Aruba. At home addresses, hotels, airbnb, the hospital and at work places.

6. Can I still order for today?

If its not possible on the checkout page, its not possible. But you still want to order for today? Send us a message on and we will let you know if we can help you the same day.

7. I don't know what kind of gift I want to order. Do you have any suggestions?

At the category 'Gift boxes' you can order a complete gift with for example a greeting card, helium balloons and flowers. So you don't have to stress about the gift. We will take care of that.

8. Can I order a present which is not available at the webshop?

E-mail to and we will let you know if we can help you out.

9. How do I write a review?

Click on this link Or go to the webshop, click the product you have orderd. Scroll down to reviews. After the reviews you can start writing your own review. Did you ordered more products or do you want to write an overall review. Choose one product and start writing. We like every review! Thank you in advance.

10. Are you not happy with our products or service?

E-mail to and let us know about which orders/products it goes. We will try to contact you as soon as possible.

11. Waarom is Onehappycard in Estland gevestigd?

Onehappycard is als bedrijf ingeschreven in Estland. Dit klinkt misschien een beetje gek, maar de kamer van koophandel op Aruba heeft als eis dat je op Aruba bent geboren. En dat ben ik niet. Ik ben namelijk in Zwolle (Nederland) geboren. Daarna heb ik geprobeerd om Onehappycard in Nederland in te schrijven, maar helaas moet je dan ook in Nederland bedrijfsactiviteiten hebben en ook dat heb ik niet. De enige oplossing was dus om in Estland in te schrijven. Dat betekent dat ik voor Onehappycard belasting in Estland betaal terwijl alle werkzaamheden op Aruba plaats vinden.