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Onehappycard's company details

  • Name Onehappycard OÜ 
  • Address Lõõtsa 2A, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia 
  • Registration code 16344457 
  • VAT number EE102446944

Why is Onehappycard's address in Estonia? 

Onehappycard is registered as a company in Estonia because the Chamber of Commerce in Aruba demands that the owner (Sabine) must be born in Aruba. And I'm not. I was born in Zwolle (the Netherlands). I tried to register Onehappycard in the Netherlands, but unfortunately you also have to have business activities in the Netherlands and I don't have that either. So the only solution was to register in Estonia. This means that I pay tax in Estonia for Onehappycard while all work takes place in Aruba.

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