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Shows 3 result

Do you want to surprise someone in Aruba with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? We deliver 7 days a week and collect our flowers directly from local florist Flora in Aruba. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just to cheer someone up, our bouquets are always carefully put together to put a smile on the recipient's face.

Flower delivery in Aruba – Choose from 3 different bouquets

We always choose the most beautiful bouquet and deliver it to Aruba on the agreed date. You can choose from three beautiful bouquets:

  1. Bouquet of colored flowers from €18.99
  2. Bouquet of roses or lilies from €21.99
  3. Bouquet of tropical flowers from €23.99

Complete your surprise with a vase.

Would you like a larger bouquet? View our options for a larger bouquet here. Complete your gift with a matching vase for the flowers.

Delivery information

The delivery costs throughout Aruba are €6.95. We also deliver to hotels, resorts, apartments, the hospital and business addresses in Aruba. If the recipient is not at home, we will ensure that the flowers are delivered on water and possibly in the shade.

Gift voucher for unavailable flowers

In the rare case that flowers are not available in Aruba, we will provide a gift voucher from florist Flora worth the purchase price. This way, the recipient can choose a bouquet of flowers or another product at another time. This situation only occurs once a year on average.

Please note: a greeting card is not included!