Delivery and payment


Since we are located in Aruba, we can only deliver to Aruba. Our products come from Aruba itself, so we can deliver quickly. If you order today before 20:00 Dutch time, we can already deliver the next one. We do the delivery ourselves throughout Aruba. So also at hotels, resorts, airbnbs, the hospital, work and private addresses.

Usually we cannot indicate a fixed time in advance. We do deliver as early as possible in the day, so that the recipient can enjoy it as long as possible. The recipient can also thank you, taking into account the time difference with the Netherlands.

In principle, we deliver on any desired day of the year. If you are going to place an order, you can choose the desired date in the online agenda. If your desired date is not listed, it is not available. In that case send an email to who knows, we can still arrange something in consultation.

Bezorging en betalen


At the moment you can pay with iDeal and Stripe. iDeal is best known among the Dutch. It is a payment method through the Dutch banks. Stripe opposes a payment method for credit cards. You cannot use these two payment methods for any reason. Then you can click Direct bank transfer on the 'Checkout' page. We will then receive your order and we can immediately send our payment details. If we have received your payment, we will deliver on the desired date. If you prefer direct contact with us, please send an email to, so that you can transfer it to us yourself.

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About delivery and payment. Delivery is personal throughout Aruba, on any date and location. You can pay with iDeal and Stripe or manually transfer to our account. You do not have to pay an exchange rate as our account is in Euro and US Dollars.

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