Who is behind Onehappycard?

My name is Sabine Zijlstra. I have been living in Aruba since 2017. The little piece of paradise on earth. I came to Aruba as an intern and never really left. During my internship it was my birthday and a loved one passed away. I experienced that there is actually no quick way to congratulate or support someone. Except of course via Whatsapp. 

To receive greeting cards or other presents from outside Aruba it will take weeks/months. Especially with Christmas and other holidays! I want to make the differents. I still work a few hours a week as a P.E. teacher so I can't tell what time I will deliver but I promise it will be the correct date. 

Wie zit er achter Onehappycard?

Who is behind Onehappycard?

Why is Onehappycard's address in Estonia? Who is behind Onehappycard?

Onehappycard is registered as a company in Estonia. This may sound a little crazy, but the Chamber of Commerce in Aruba has the requirement that you were born in Aruba. And I'm not. I was born in Zwolle (the Netherlands). Then I tried to register Onehappycard in the Netherlands, but unfortunately you also have to have business activities in the Netherlands and I don't have that either. So the only solution was to register in Estonia. This means that I pay tax in Estonia for Onehappycard while all work takes place in Aruba.

Who will you surprise in Aruba?

View our range, order online and pay with iDeal. I personally deliver to Aruba on the desired date!