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Do you want to surprise family and friends in the Netherlands?

Verras in Nederland

You have received a card or gift from the Netherlands and now you want to send something back. We fully understand that and that is why we want to help you. We have listed 5 gift tips to make it easier for you. From flowers to cake, there is something for everyone.

Gift tips in the Netherlands

1. Flowers! Especially for women.

Surprose is the expert when it comes to sending roses. With the widest and most beautiful range in Europe, Surprose offers the customer an optimal ordering experience to order a gift online. All roses come directly from the grower and are carefully packaged in a luxurious gift box. With free greeting card and desired delivery date from Tuesday to Saturday.

Rode rozen van Surprose

2. Gift socks! Who doesn't have cold feet in the Netherlands!? is the webshop for gifts. offers a wide range of gifts for adults and children. From beautiful home accessories to funny little gadgets and from tough men's items to sweet maternity gifts. In addition, offers a unique wrapping service: in this way the customer can order a ready-made gift. Due to the wide range of gifts, has something for everyone, all year round.


3. Toys for children of all ages.

Online webshop De Grote Speelwinkel only has the best toys for boys and girls. With more than 7000 products, is not only the nicest, but also the largest in toys. Playing is extremely important for children and that is why selects versatile toys that stimulate children in their development. Only the best quality children's toys can be found on the virtual shelves of this webshop.


4. Gift books

BookSpot is the largest online bookstore in the Netherlands. In addition to many books, in all possible categories, they have a fantastic collection of eBooks, films, puzzles, CDs, games, toys and games. BookSpot has more than 1 million articles in its range.


5. Pie!

The confectioners of bake the tastiest fresh cakes every day and make people happy with delicious treats all over the Netherlands. Whether it's a congratulations, treat, thank you, wishing someone good luck, the birth of a child, a token of appreciation, the introduction of a new product, a nice promotional gift, or just nice for yourself, with there is always something to celebrate. There is a delicious treat for every occasion!