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Bedrijf starten Aruba

The beautiful island where I did my internship in 2017. What a paradise on earth. With white beaches, palm trees, blue sea water and friendly people. The spoken language is Papiamento. That is a combination of Dutch, Spanish, English and Portuguese. To feel more at home I decided to learn the language. And where is it easier to learn a language than in a bar.

Until I accidentally asked in Papiamento to a random Arubian men to marry me.. Instead of 'cas' (house) I said 'casa' (marriage). I felt very ashamed. So embarrassed I felt. He sais YES! Sometimes we run into each other somewhere and then we still have to laugh about it.

Not only is the language difficult, but also being far away from friends and family. Because of the distance, the time difference and the mail that can be on the road for months. Unfortunately gives Postnl still indicates that a greeting card is on the way for an average of 4 to a maximum of 9 days. I received my Christmas cards at the end of January or even the beginning of February. Or my birthday cards that didn't arrive on my birthday, but months later.

I have now come up with the solution myself! I started a webshop called Onehappycard. You can order online and pay with Stripe or iDeal. I deliver to Aruba 7 days a week.

The assortment consists of:

  • Greeting cards
  • Helium balloons
  • Gift baskets
  • Flowers
  • Gift cards
  • Fruit baskets
  • Drinks

From now on you can surprise your friends and family on the desired date in Aruba! View on if you also want to surprise someone.

PS. Do you have a question? Then first take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or contact me by email

Greetings from sunny Aruba!
Regards Sabine